Our Services

Amschel Mayer fosters entrepreneurial spirit by providing a wide range of accounting, consulting and tax services to small businesses throughout Colorado and the United States. Our clients experience the professional level and knowledge expected from large firms but with the personal attention and reasonable rates of a small, local agency. Our claim to fame is personal, professional, prompt service and SaaS technology that ensures up-to-date realtime financials.


Amschel Mayer’s accounting and bookkeeping services, will develop and maintain a solid foundation of bookkeeping systems and procedures that meet the specific requirements of business. While accurate record keeping is critical to running a successful business, it can also be complicated and time consuming. The Amschel Mayer team can assume responsibility for some or all of the day-to-day bookkeeping tasks in a most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Dashboard Financials

CXO Soft is a financial software that puts the insight of a CFO at your fingertips. CXO Soft’s visually striking dashboards display your financial data in real time, taking valuable information – such as income statements and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – and converting it into a format that is easy to evaluate and customize. Multiple dashboard views are available so that you can quickly discern the condition of your company’s financials without having to pour through the raw data (for a more detailed analysis, the data is also available to view at the click of a button). Although this is a powerful tool for any size business, it really gives the smaller businesses an advantage.


Amschel Mayer provides accounting and bookkeeping services to small and medium-sized businesses and organizations. We also work closely with outside taxation and legal firms to ensure the highest levels of regulatory compliance in all areas.

QuickBooks Services

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor - QuickBooks Online Certification

Amschel Mayer’s team of highly qualified QuickBooks ProAdvisors provide installation, training and ongoing support for QuickBooks accounting software across all platforms. The initial design and installation of QuickBooks is critical to the overall success of the software and, when configured correctly, the current automation and synching capabilities of QuickBooks can save our clients thousands of dollars per year in unnecessary labor costs. Click here to see our Quickbooks ProAdvisor Profile


Amschel Mayer’s finance service assists small businesses in optimizing their financial performance and profitability. We can help improve the effective management of revenues and cashflow which is one of the fundamental keys to developing and growing a stable valuable business. Use of the debt and equity markets can make or break a small business and we offer valuable advice on fundraising from both the traditional banking and alternative investment perspectives. We strategically advise our clients to ensure they understand the pros and cons of money matters and how their decisions will affect the future of the business. We also help business owners identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) that they should be tracking to monitor the financial health of their business and ensure that they are maximizing the opportunities and resources available to them.


Amschel Mayer helps small businesses prepare to raise funds from seed and angel investors, venture capital and private equity sources as well as traditional banks. We believe that for small companies, preparing to raise funds is more important than the act of fundraising itself. Creating a solid foundation helps a company increase their level of sophistication. Companies that understand when and why investors engage have a much better chance of getting capital. We employ the CMe, a simple five-step approach to prepare our clients for this important step.

CFO/Controller Services

Most small companies can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a Controller/CFO but do not need or cannot support this position full-time. Amschel Mayer’s Controller/CFO services allow businesses to remain competitive, become more profitable and prepare for growth. By outsourcing this function to Amschel Mayer companies focus on what they do best and become more fiscally savvy.


Amschel Mayer specializes in valuing private, closely held businesses and their respective ownership interests. Our valuation professionals provide a full range of quality, supportable valuation services for attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, executives, business owners and The Flyfisher Capital Group. We value ownership interests in real estate holding companies, family limited partnerships, limited liability companies, privately operated businesses, private note receivables and loans, intangible assets, royalties, intellectual property and lawsuit claims.

Non-Profit Services

The operating environment of a non-profit organization is unique, with very specific rules and financial regulations. While most non-profits have the talent in place to manage delivery of program services, they often lack accounting and financial expertise. Amschel Mayer provides custom bookkeeping and outsourced accounting solutions that allow non-profit organizations to focus on their mission. We provide reliable, timely and accurate financial reports so that your board members and management can make sound decisions and plans. Amschel Mayer’s non-profit team has significant experience providing comprehensive solutions to many types of non-profit organizations.